Dribblie NFT

Own the Football Club. Manage, Play and Earn

Dribblie is a Play to Earn football manager, where players from different galaxies fight for glory. Earn by staking, owning, or renting NFTs and make income from what you love doing  most - playing football. 


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How to Earn

Win Matches Ball Icon

Win Matches

Want to get paid for just playing football? With Dribblie you can earn by simply winning or drawing matches daily. Strive for greatness because winners take it all.

Win Trophies

Football is all about trophies and honors. Win leagues, cups, or private leagues, celebrate with your fans, and earn cash prizes or brand new assets. Keep your assets or sell them to make more profit.

Win trophies iconWin quests game logo

Win Quests

Can you play 5 games with a team of robots without conceding a goal? Let’s see... Test your skills and tactics with daily quests and win awesome cash prizes.

Rent to Earn

Be a wise investor. Own players, loan them out and kick back and enjoy. Your players might play for other teams but it could be worth the steady flow of income.

Rent to earn iconStake and breed icon

Stake & Breed

Be the supply chain of new players. Stake managers into youth academies to generate young skilled players. List them on the marketplace, and get more profit.

Train to Earn

Become the Ajax FC of Dribblie by creating a unique training approach. Coach young players and increase their value to sell them on the marketplace.

Train to earn icon

History of species

Blue Devil Human Dribblie NFTRojo Dribblie NFTThe Anchor Dribblie NFTDribblie Alien NFT

Planet Dribblie is a remarkable place. It’s overflowing with the Quasar crystal which provides an unlimited source of power. To gain control over Quasar crystals, four species - Titans, Aliens, Robots, and Humanoids were ruthlessly slaughtering each other for hundreds of years. There was no longer any hope of survival and captains of each species' armies agreed that war could soon destroy their entire universe.

They negotiated to find a more peaceful method to distribute Quasar among the species. They decided to end the war, and play football and reward winners with the crystals. The decision brought peace to planet Dribblie as species started working together to gather crystals and put their skills, intelligence, and aggression into the game. When the war finally ceased, everyone depended on the managers to forid such violence. They have the responsibility to create, manage and challenge others for the Quasar crystals. So, are you ready to handle the pressure and fight for the glory on Dribblie?


2022, Q1

Game Development Started

Our developers are already hard at work. After months of planning and research, our development team started to turn their ideas into reality. Our objective is to create a community-driven game, which is fully decentralized and provides real incentives for future players.

Soccer ball iconBlue Devil Human Dribblie NFT

2022, Q2

Discord Games - Giveaways

Dribblie Discord is one huge playground, and all the fun happens in the various channels. These channels offer a challenging atmosphere that drives the community to grind non-stop. Here you can win numerous cash prizes and participate in daily competitions. Community members can win cash prizes from $50 to $15,000.

NFT Presale / Public Sale

This is when all the species come to life. Presale and Public sale

IDO (Token Sales)

In game and governance tokens are what drives the incentives and the community to keep the game advancing. But what compels launchpads and investors is the strong and efficient community which is involved in project development. Coin offerings will be launched by launchpads like Safelaunch, Seedify, etc.

Partnership with Football Players

Professional football players have powers and skills in real life, but now with Dribblie they can unlock superpowers. The team will strive to create strong connections with notable individuals, and work with them for promotional purposes. Also, we aspire to integrate them in our community and voice chat with them in the private Discord channel, which can be accessed only by the exclusive community members.

2022, Q3

Marketplace Launch - Transfers are Made

Unlike football on Earth, on planet Dribblie transfers can be made anytime. In Q3 the marketplace will be launched, and managers can start exchanging players and assets. The Marketplace is an essential part of the project and we hope to launch it ahead of schedule.

Demo Launch - Income is Generated

The Game Demo is here! This demo provides the community and marketplace with exponential growth. Not all features will be included, but enough to have users start earning. Play2Earn mechanics will be tested and all the user data is collected to create a beautiful game. Community involvement is highly appreciated.

Youth Academy - Breeding

The Youth Academy is where new talents are born. After launching the youth academy community, members are in charge of the supply of the new players. By staking managers in the youth academy, new players are generated and can be sold on the marketplace. The Youth academy is one of the best ways to earn by selling the young players.

Stadium Sales / Land Sales

Stadiums are like lands on the Dribblie Planet. It creates a huge advantage during games and can be bought from the primary or secondary market.


The first 10,000 holders become lifetime members of the DAO. DAO is responsible for keeping the game environment clean and secure. Since Dribblie is a decentralized game, DAO is an important part of keeping things intact and operating smoothly. DAO members will be in charge of the treasury fund which will be collected from the marketplace sales.

Game Marketing

User acquisition
Affiliate Marketing
Notable collaborations


All of the incredible outfits for the Titans, Aliens, Robots or Humanoids can be bought from our marketplace. This will help the project advance and achieve a substantial audience.

The Anchor Dribblie NFTRojo Dribblie NFT

2022, Q4

Ingame Assets

In-game assets boost the power rankings of the players. Before the full game launches in-game assets will be accessible on the marketplace.

Full Game Launch

Full Game comes to life and starts flying. All the play2earn mechanics are activated and the community can start to benefit on a full scale. Leagues and Cup matches will be launched one by one:

  • Cup Matches - First cup matches will be available, and managers start to test their tactics to win in-game assets and mystery boxes.
  • League matches - Next, league matches are introduced which are the most important and profitable matches. Managers with the long run vision can start building their teams.
  • Private Leagues - Private leagues are another option to win awesome prizes. They can be created with collaboration from  notable brands. Brands will be  setting the prize pools for the leagues. Additionally, community members can initiate the creation of private leagues, but it must be approved by the DAO first.
  • Weekly and Daily Quests - In order to keep our audience and community engaged and interested, there will be frequent  challenges to earn extra coins or assets.

Loan to Earn

Loan2Earn mechanics puts wise investors and entrepreneurs in the driving seat of the game. Entrepreneurs can own players, assets, stadiums and any in-game NFTs and loan them out to generate a steady flow of income.

2023, Q1

Exploring New Galaxies

There might be other species and galaxies that will be featured on the Dribblie Arena. We will be reaching out to other well known NFT projects to integrate their NFTs into the Dribblie ecosystem and make things more interesting.

World Cup Icon

First Member Benefits

Breeding (Youth Academy)

As new managers join the game, the demand for new players will skyrocket. The first members have the opportunity to take control of the supply, generate new players by staking managers into the Youth Academy, and sell them on the marketplace. 

Coin Airdrop

Dribblie’s DRBL coin will be listed on the various launchpads like - sidify, safelaunch, etc. right after the NFT sales. The first Dribblie NFT holders will be included in the tokenomics and will get the DRBL coin, which will be the governance token for the game.


The first members will have the ability to influence not only their teams but also the whole project. DAO means managing the treasury funds, having owning rights, and making some big decisions for the project.

Whitelist for Future Rounds

First holders will have the whitelist spots reserved for them for the future drops.

High Divisions - Better Earnings

When the game launches, the first 10,000 members will have places reservered in the higher Divisions. High divisions means higher rewards. Teams placed in the top divisions could be sold for better rates on the marketplace.


Niko Burke

Niko Burke

Co-Founder & Business Development
Tyler Lockley

Tyler Lockley

Sophie Kotri

Sophie Kotri

Marketing Manager


Product Designer
Ana Nikabadze

Ana Nikabadze

Project Manager
Tina Kharaishvili

Tina Kharaishvili

Growth Marketer
Jeron Chan

Jeron Chan

Advisor (Animoca Brands)
Alina Rozanova

Alina Rozanova

Business Strategy

Blockchain Development by 4IRE

10 Years of Experience and 150+ Employees

Game Development by EJAW

10 Years of Experience and 100+ Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Dribblie is a community-driven, play to earn game where you get to lead a virtual football team to glory, and compete with other participants from all over the world. In Dribblie your objective is to build a strong squad and strengthen their skills by playing division matches or cup matches.The difference between Dribblie and other football manager games is that you actually own your players, stadiums or various assets and they have a real life value. It has a real economy that uses blockchain technology to give you asset ownership and total control.

In Dribblie you earn money in a variety of ways by

- Winning matches
- Winning divisions
- Participating in tournaments and win NFT asset boxes
- Generating new players in Youth Academy
- Loaning your assets
- Leveling up new managers
- Winning private leagues

As an early member you get several benefits

- Dribblie can be played by NFT holders only. Early users can benefit from in game income. 
- Access to NFT assets lower price than market price
- Receive most of the airdrops 
- You will become a member of the Arena where you can experience features of famous football players like Ronaldinho and more!

We are a team of business developers, game developers, blockchain experts and football lovers with 10+ years of experience in the industry. Our vision is to decentralize the gaming industry and create a game that is focused on team engagement.

We have a long term development plan, please check the roadmap for upcoming product developments.

MVP of the game will be launched in Q3 2022. Barely 2 months after NFT sales you can start earning money.

Token launch is after NFT sales and before the MVP of the game is launched.

Each of the species has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, titans are great at defence and humanoids are great at passing. You can set up the team based on the skills of each species. P.S Species can play together in one team.

Yes, you can rent your NFT and earn a share of revenue share.

Yes! We have a youth academy, where you stake your coach and it generates new players.

Minting FAQ

Whitelist requirements are given in our Discord on #whitelist-info channel. Please note, requirements are constantly updated, so please stay informed.

You can buy it on our website www.dribblie.com Date TBA.

Price TBA

Metamask and any wallet supported by Wallet connect

On presale you can buy a maximum of 3 boxes and on public sale maximum 10 boxes

9,800 will be minted. 200 is used for giveaways.